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Chamomile Supplement Review

Starwest Botanicals Organic Chamomile Flower
Frontier Co-op Organic Chamomile Flowers

Our Review of Chamomile

Do you feel a lack of energy during the day or while at work?

Do you have a certain discomfort while trying to sleep?

Do you suffer from anxiety, stress, or depression?

Then Chamomile may be the answer for you.

Basic info on Chamomile

Chamomile is a wonderful plant that has been used in natural teas and medicines for millennia. There are two main areas where chamomile is found, Germany and England.

I love and drink all kinds of tea, also testing different flavors. Some are good, others are not. This tea is great!

I got a huge one-pound bag of these little flowers which made a wonderful tea. I combined them with some lemon balm for a truly relaxing and tasty beverage!

I feel like a pound is pretty much a lifetime supply. It's far less expensive and you can mix it with other herbs and flowers to get the right flavor for you.

Benefits of Chamomile

Anxiety and Depression 

Anxiety is one of the most common problems in the world because it affects over 300 million people. Even with this high number of affected individuals, modern medicine has not been very effective in the treatment of this condition.

German chamomile is predominantly used medically. It is well-tolerated in the body and demonstrated the highest pharmacologic results in treating anxiety.

Chamomile has shown a lot of promise in the treatment of this disorder even when modern orthodox medicine has not been as effective as hoped or has failed. Clinical trials showing chamomile's safe and efficient results reinforced the long held belief that chamomile is a viable treatment of anxiety disorders.

One of the more immediate results that can be seen is in it helping you to feel less anxious and helping to remove any thoughts of depression.

The use of Chamomile is not limited to anxiety which makes it a wonderful supplement for your all-around health.


Chamomile has been shown to help improve the quality of your sleep.

General Health

Chamomile’s active components give it its unique pharmacological properties.

It contains terpenoids, an antioxidative and anti-inflammatory compound which helps to prevent the formation of cancer cells and relieves pain; and flavonoids, which are known to combat aging and oxidative stress and relieve uncontrolled muscle movements.

If you suffer chronic illnesses like diabetes or cancer, regular intake of chamomile can help slow down their progression and may even help force them into remission.

If you consume chamomile it will help relieve inflammations and help heal your skin.

Pros and Cons of Chamomile


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    It is effective against General Anxiety Disorder (GAD)
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    It helps prevent stress, anxiety, panic & depression
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    Helps with sleep & relaxation
  • Helps prevent the onset of several chronic illnesses, including cancer
  • Its germ-killing properties are used to remedy certain skin conditions
  • Slowing or preventing osteoporosis


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    Use of chamomile might trigger allergies in some people
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    Chamomile is known to interfere with certain drugs, for example, warfarin, a common anticoagulant
  • Chamomile doesn’t work effectively with alcohol as it might lead to drowsiness
  • The effect on pregnancy and breastfeeding hasn’t been concluded yet

Suggested Dosages and Use

Chamomile taken in capsule form seems most effective at lowering symptoms of stress and anxiety with dosages of 220 mg ,1 to 5 times daily, depending on your own individual needs and results you can achieve without experiencing negative side-effects.

There seems to be no dosage limits on consuming Chamomile Tea.

Good results for some people have shown up same day or in a few days, for others it might be a week or two. This will always vary from person to person and dosage taken, so always allow at least 30 days to see full potential.

In Summary

Chamomile is a wonderful Supplement that can not only help in the relief of stress, anxiety, and depression, but also has many valuable attributes for both body and mind.

Have you been searching for suitable products on the internet or social media?

When you finally decide on a supplement, how do you know which of the many choices available is the Best to choose?

Allow us to aid your search by introducing the top two Chamomile products that we have tried and know they work.

Here are the two Top-Rated Brands that we recommend and have found to be the Best



Our Rating

Starwest Botanicals Organic Chamomile Flower
Starwest Botanicals Organic Chamomile Flower
  • 1 lb of Organic Whole Chamomile Flowers from Egypt
  • Kosher Certified & cGMP Compliant
  • Certified Organic by QAI

4.8 out of 5

Frontier Co-op Organic Chamomile Flowers
Frontier Co-op Organic Chamomile Flowers
  • Highest quality herbal tea available
  • Flowers sourced from Germany known to be rich in essential oils
  • These flowers can make Chamomile Extract & Chamomile Essential Oil

4.7 out of 5

Our Conclusions

Many individuals decline using conventional drug therapy for financial, cultural, or personal reasons, such as the stigma of mental illness. As a result, many individuals will seek alternative medications and therapy for their problems.

With the recent discovery of highly effective alternative therapy, individuals can find a lasting solution. Chief among this alternative therapy are Chamomile, Lemon Balm, Gaba, and 5-HTP.

In our Review of Chamomile, we found it to be a wonderful supplement with many benefits in addition to reducing stress and anxiety.

However, it is important to note that when it comes to anxiety supplements, you need to test and observe different supplements to find out the one that works best for you. The effectiveness of each of these anxiety supplements differs from one individual to another.

This supplement is far less expensive than buying chamomile tea in the store and you can mix it with other herbs and flowers to get the right flavor for you. Go ahead and get one of our tried and tested Top-Rated suggestions, above. You won't regret it!

If you’re thinking about incorporating chamomile into your diet, be sure to consult with your doctor first to rule out allergies and potential complications that may disrupt your health. However, it is a safe supplement that yields the desired result if used properly.

We believe it would be a great addition into anyone's daily regimen of the Best Supplements for Health and Life.